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Concealed faucets liven up the bathroom.


TOTO's MINI UNIT is a technology that gives you more freedom. We don't match the concealed system to each trim, instead we use a shared module. You can choose the functionality you need such as a single lever type, thermostat type, or touch button type, and also make choices based on design features such as circle or square fixtures.


Easier to install. Less load on the frame.


A high degree of flexibility when installing the MINI UNIT is one of its most attractive features. We were able to achieve one of the industry's smallest and lightest bodies for the concealed system. It puts only a minimal load on the architectural frames and has improved manageability during installation.


In order to conceal the unit, the wall only needs to be 97mm, and the system is able to absorb installation errors of + 13mm.



Industry-leading miniaturization. Beauty in balance.

We shrunk the unit to one of the industry's smallest. The trims are also some of the most compact.


In addition, our progress towards uniform sizes mean units can be used simultaneously to create s beautiful space. We also strived to make the trim as thin as possible.


A bathroom of unity and style can be yours.